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IHCPT: Foundation Course (Cohort 25)

IHCPT Foundation Course blends in-person training and distance learning to prepare participants for a new professional role in partnering with people for meaningful and sustainable health behavior change. The course provides participants with a full knowledge of the skills, process and partnership strategies necessary to be an Integrative Health Coach.

IHCPT: Certification Course (Cohort 11)

IHCPT Certification Course is available as a recommended continuation to the IHCPT Foundation Course. The Certification Course is an instructor-led distance learning course that provides an advanced level of training on the professional application of Integrative Health Coaching skills. The course allows participants to deepen their practice through live skills practice, mentored feedback, online learning and a written and oral examination.

The Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare

Value-Based Care: Making the Most of the Affordable Care Act

Value-Based Care: Making the Most of the Affordable Care Act is an online course providing essential information about patient engagement, preventive health visits and reimbursement procedures. This course is designed for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified clinical nurse specialists, and healthcare organizations.

Leading Patients in Writing for Health

Leading Patients in Writing for Health

Mindfulness Training For Professionals - October 2015

Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors - November 2015

Mindful Yoga for Cancer

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