DHWCT Attendance Policy

The DHWCT Online Course live webinars are designed to be sequential and full attendance is required. For this reason, you should register for a course in which you can attend all live webinar sessions. In order to receive a certificate of completion and earn continuing education credits, you are required to fully attend each live webinar session. You must also complete all of the online components of the training (Orientation, E-Learnings, Demonstration Videos, you must attend all 4 of the scheduled Mentor Sessions, Course Assessment, Course Evaluation, and Attestation). If you miss one of the Mentor Sessions, you will be required to pay a missed session fee and will need to reschedule the missed session. 

At the time of registration, you will choose a section (day of the week and time of day) and then always come on that day at that time. Due to the experiential nature of the course, practice groups, plans, and appropriate staffing, it is not possible to move between the sections. 

DHW Programs reserves the right not to award a certificate of completion and education credits if you do not complete all components of the training.  

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